Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Arsenal 3-1 Stoke Orcs [Blind Pig, New York City]

The view is great from up here.

No, I'm not talking about the Empire State Building, I'm talking about the mighty Arsenal being Top Of The League!!! 

There aren't many better places to celebrate a return to the top than at the Blind Pig in New York City, home to the NYC Arsenal Supporters. The Blind Pig is arguably the best spot in the whole of North America to watch an Arsenal match, providing of course you're lucky enough to get in; the pub regularly meets capacity to the point where there is now a second pub, O'Hanlon's, just down the road on E 14th Street, so that punters are not left disappointed.

Just a typical Satuday outside the Blind Pig in NYC.
New York City is one of the cities in the United States. I believe approximately 100 trillion people live in the area, and another billion people visit the city every day, so it's actually of no surprise that there's a   considerable number of Arsenal fans residing there and visiting regularly. So with a large turnover of gooners in the area,  a 'safe haven' is required to shelter them from the pandemoniac tourists on Times Square and filthy materialists on Fifth Avenue. The Blind Pig is the place they flock to in the hundreds, and as a result the atmosphere is absolutely second-to-none, as you can see from the video below of Mertesacker scoring Arsenal's second goal against The Orcs.

The great thing about the Blind Pig is that every game is an event, there are regularly 100+ people there, and even during Champions League ties in the week the pub will fill up.

And with every game comes the opportunity to meet new people. I was fortunate enough to meet some notable Gooners at the Blind Pig last weekend, including Olympic Medalist Kelly Sotherton, Olympian Nathan Douglas and last but not least the infamous Arseblog himself. All wonderful people, all Gooners, and all at The Blind Pig to watch us go top of the table for the second time in a month. It was a great day to be a Gooner!

Gooner On The Road and Arseblog (er....standing outside Beauty Bar in NYC)

Gooner On The Road with GB athletes (and Gooners) Kelly Sotherton and Nathan Douglas outside the Blind Pig
So, New York City was a blast, as per usual. Next stop on the tour - North Carolina and the Triangle Gooners! Look out for the Meet The Gooner Family feature on another influential Gooner, Kurtis Powers, coming soon!



  1. Sadly (yet proudly) you will only be greeted by medal winners from the Beer Drinking Olympics here at the Triangle Gooners!

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