Wednesday 28 August 2013

Arsenal 2-0 Fenerbahce [Southern Cross Pub, Copenhagen, Denmark]

Well firstly, I'd like to start by saying that Copenhagen is bloody expensive. Not the kind of place where you want to spend much time as a backpacker watching the pennies, but nevertheless a very scenic city with some fantastic sights and great food. The Anarchist Community of Christiania is definitely worth a visit.

Yes, that's a Sweden flag over there, but this is Denmark. Which is not Sweden
The official pub for the Denmark Arsenal Supporters Club is an Irish pub called Southern Cross, which is on two levels. The whole upstairs level is reserved for Arsenal games, which have priority over any other event, no matter what's on. There's also a decent amount of club memorabilia including a fantastic tongue-in-cheek Tony Adams chalkboard graphic.

Nicely done.
The game itself was a bit poor to be honest, but when you consider that Ramsey scored twice and with that we are through to our sixteenth consecutive Champions League season, everything else remains irrelevant. I was hoping though, that we would take a bit more momentum into the important North London Derby fixture on Sunday by scoring 4 or 5, but a win is a win, and the confidence levels must be on their way up.

The Copenhagen Gooner Family, looking typically Danish
What would help further boost those confidence levels for Sunday would be a few marquee signings. Whilst our upcoming opposition have added proven talent to their ranks, we have added nothing more than Yaya Sanogo, a French Second League player on a free transfer. With Podolski limping off and Ramsey running himself ragged, plus Wilshere looking doubtful, I think there are little options left but to buy. Why are we waiting for Real Madrid players to become available (subject to the Bale transfer) when we can find equally capable, or even better players elsewhere? We still need a versatile defensive midfielder and a centre back. It's risky business.

Now, a quick note about the fundraising. The Gothenburg Supporters Club (supposedly the rowdiest in Sweden) are doing a fundraiser for me whilst I'm there at the weekend, which is great. It would be nice though, if I could see some more donations coming in. I understand that Razoo is a bit different to what people are used to, but it is a trusted name in the fundraising space and they are very big in the United States. However, if I get some good feedback, either on my Twitter feed, my Facebook Page or at then I will look at switching to Paypal. 

Until tomorrow then.