Monday 2 December 2013

Cardiff City 0-3 Arsenal [Celtic Club, Melbourne]

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening all. I'm still in Melbourne, couldn't resist staying for one more Arsenal match whilst I'm here. This city really is one of the world's greatest; great weather, great sports scene, aesthetically pleasing, amazing food and a multicultural melting pot. It's essentially the polar opposite of Luton.

A Gooner Family in Melbourne

One of the greatest challenges with this round-the-world-escapade thing is watching Arsenal matches at ungodly hours. For the Cardiff fixture, this meant 2am on a Sunday morning, not quite as bad as 3am or 4:45am, but when you consider I was up early on the Saturday and had set out 'for the night' at 4pm to have dinner with some fellow Gooners, staying awake and relatively sober was proving to be trickier than I thought. We rolled into the Celtic Club at 1am, stomachs fully-laden with Italian food and beer, still with another hour to go before kickoff. In a lightly-sedated manner I greeted the small number of Melbourne Arsenal fans who had come out to watch Ramsey kill some celebrities.

Melbourne Arsenal Supporters

By the time the game was underway however, there were at least 60 Gooners at the pub, all staying out until the end, all singing passionately, and of course all celebrating wildly as Rambo and The Man With Short Sleeves helped keep us firmly in pole position on top of the Premier League. You can witness (although probably not see) the atmosphere at The Celtic Club in the video below.

It was a great performance against a team that continues to impress in the top flight of English Football, particularly against the big boys. Now I know it's not exactly scientific, but if Cardiff City can beat Man $ity and draw against United, surely we have what it takes to see first position in the League all the way through to May. 

We will see how the story progresses when we take on Hull City on Wednesday night - I'll be in Adelaide for that one. Until then....