My Itinerary

The Gooner On The Road itinerary is below. As you can see I'm covering a lot of ground, some of it in quite short time. Please note, as with any backpacker, I'm almost certain to change destinations and times at some point along the way. This will mostly be dictated by fixture changes.

To make it easier to see, just click on 'FULL SCREEN' at the bottom-right of the map. You can then hover over the destinations, and with any luck, see where I am and when.


  1. Why isn't DC on your list? We have a huge fan base of Arsenal over here! We would love to have you for a couple of games.

    1. Unfortunately I just couldn't fit it into the schedule, and I didn't hear back from anybody when I originally mooted the idea. I will be in NYC and North Carolina, which is probably the closest I'll get!

  2. Hey dude, really like what you're doing. Would you be up for coming on to our podcast The Gooner Ramble and talking about your adventures? Please let me know. My email is
    Look foeard to hearing from you.

  3. Mate, when you're in Sydney, there's only one place to watch Arsenal - at the Armoury as we have dubbed it, otherwise known as the Commercial Hotel, right across the road from Parramatta train station. Get onto our Facebook page - Arsenal Australia Sydney. I hear you've also been in contact with our Brisbane group as well? They watch at a good little venue called the Brewhouse. Anyhow, safe travels, and hopefully we'll catch you at the Armoury at some stage on your travels.


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