Saturday 14 December 2013

Meet the Gooner Family [Luke Wurthman, Manly]

Meet Luke, host for a few days in Manly, Australia. Luke's originally from East London and moved to Australia with his girlfriend Alice in October 2011

Q. Why Arsenal?
My family is Arsenal, my whole family is Arsenal, my Granddad, my Aunt (unfortunately my two brothers support Liverpool and the Spuds). A family-run club years ago, well put together, the way they bring the players in, they don't spend a fortune, they like homegrown. All the fans I meet are truly genuine.
Two handsome bald chaps

Q. Started Supporting Arsenal?
Around 1989, I would have been nine years old, but that was around the time I started to follow. I was a bit young to really appreciate the Anfield victory back then.

Q. Favourite Player?
Ian Wright. I loved watching him play, he was a great footballer, he could score from anywhere, when he combined with Kevin Campbell up front they were just unstoppable at times. He was also a laugh on and off the field.

Q. Favourite current Player?
Jacky Wilshere. He's English, he's been there since 9 or 10, he's going to be captain one day for both England and Arsenal. 

Q. Favourite Arsenal moment?
Definitely Henry scoring 3-2 at Highbury against Untied, I was sat in the North Bank with my Granddad and my cousin, it was a great goal, one of the very best.

Q. Where do you watch Arsenal in Sydney?
To be fair if I can get to the Armoury I will do, but generally I'll watch it at home because of the hours

Q. Emirates or Highbury?
Highbury. It's just intimate, it's where I watched the majority of games, it's a classic stadium.

Q. League Prediction?
We'll win it this season.

Q. Who will be Arsenal's player to watch for the second half of this season?

Ozil's going to be the player that comes alive, I think he's still a bit reserved. He needs enough rest though.