Monday, 26 August 2013

Meet the Gooner Family [Trevor, Berlin]

Part of the wall.

Can't come to Berlin and not try Curry Wurst
Berlin is done. I had a great time, we won against Fulham and I saw Hertha play, and I spent some time with some great Gooners. My host, Trevor, was very welcoming and basically gave me everything I could have needed for my 3 days in Berlin. That includes a bed, food, shower, internet connection and his wife even loaned me a transport pass so I could use the city's excellent public transit system. Oh, and he also supplied me with as much beer as I wanted, which funnily enough wasn't that much as I was still feeling the effects of Prague from Wednesday evening.

As part of the Gooner On The Road blog, I'm going to be doing features called 'Meet The Gooner Family', where I find out about their love for the cannon and how they follow the club despite living in a different country/timezone. You can view my previous feature on Andy Hunt here.

Trevor Wilson

Q. Why Arsenal?
A mate of mine was a big Arsenal supporter. And it was the better alternative to Chelmsford City (my first team). I feel I'm obliged to tell you that if Chelmsford were to play Arsenal I'd root for Chelmsford, but I don't see much chance of that happening in my lifetime. I'm also a very keen Hertha BSC fan (Berlin's main football team who last season got promoted to the Bundesliga 1, and as we write this they are on a 3-game unbeaten run).

Q. Started Supporting Arsenal?
Late 1980's – it was a good time to start following. I was in Berlin obviously, so I didn't get to go to Anfield.

Q. Favourite Player?
Tony Adams. He was a hooligan back then and a bit of a bad boy. The opposition feared him and we used that to our advantage.

Q. Favourite current Player?
Santi Cazorla. He's always in control, he has flair, he's relatively consistent and of course he has those two feet and that cheeky grin. What's not to love about Santi?

Q. Favourite Arsenal moment?
Sol Campbell's goal in Paris against Barcelona – the evening didn't turn out the way we hoped it would, but it was the greatest feeling I have ever had whilst wearing an Arsenal shirt. It was also the last time we had a decent chance of winning some proper silverware (Emirates Cup and Carling/Capital One Cup excluded).
Cheery chappy Trevor

Q.Where do you watch Arsenal in Berlin?
I usually watch it at home because if I watch it down the pub I will suffer the consequences the following morning. I am also one of the founding members of the German Arsenal supporters club.

Q. Emirates or Highbury?

Q. League Prediction?
Arsenal are going to win the Premier League. That's what I think and I always will. I'm not interested where Spurs, or any other team finishes, the only important there is that we're above all of them in the end.

So that's that. More from me tomorrow, including the reaction to the 2nd leg of the Champions League qualifier against Fenerbahce, which will be at the Southern Cross pub in Copenhagen!



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