Wednesday 11 December 2013

Meet the Gooner Family [Kevin Sanders, Perth]

Meet Kevin Sanders, one of the Gooners in Perth that showed me around the city. He gave me $250 for my cause, so it's only right that I ask a few questions about his love for The Arsenal. Kevin grew up in Epsom, Surrey, before moving to Australia in 2008.
Kevin just some of his Arsenal shirts.

Q. Why Arsenal?
History and tradition. The story of the club from Woolwich to Arsenal. The Marble Halls, the hooped socks, Herbert Chapman. Would a Chelsea or a City fan be proud of their club's roots as much as an Arsenal fan would be of theirs?

Q. Started Supporting Arsenal?
1971. In our school class we were all asked to choose our club for the Cup Final, then we'd make a rosette out of milk-bottle tops for the clubs we chose. I chose Arsenal but I can't remember why, but I was obviously influenced by my Uncle who was a big Arsenal fan. I watched the cup final around my uncle's house (because he had colour TV) and I have been sold on the Arsenal story ever since.

Q. Favourite Player?
Thierry or Dennis. I got a dog and named it Thierry, but then got another dog and named it Denise (she's a girl obviously). I'd have to go with Henry though, I was blessed to be going to Highbury in a period when he was playing the best football of his career.

Q. Favourite current Player?
This season it's really difficult to choose, I could pick a new player every week but I'm actually going to go with Podolski, I just think that this season once he's over his injury he's going to be amazing. I love everything he does on and off the pitch, I love his tweets and his Facebook posts.

Q. Favourite Arsenal moment?
Being at Higbury for the 5-0 win against Leeds in the Invincibles season. Aside from the fact that Henry scored 4, I actually hooked up with an old school friend that I hadn't seen for over ten years which blossomed into my connection with Arsenal Football Supporters Club London, which I became a part of until my move to Perth in 2008.

Q. Where do you watch Arsenal in Perth?
The Carbon Bar at Perth Casino for the big games. We regularly get a good bunch of fans down there and we are looking to grow.

Q. Emirates or Highbury?
Highbury, just for everything I mentioned at the beginning. But I have to say, we're blessed that we get to play at The Emirates, it was an inevitable decision but we only moved across the street and therefore I (and many others) didn't have to change the matchday routine, getting off at Finsbury Park station, going to the Auld Triangle for pre-match pints, hanging out with AFSC London boys. The same ritual takes place every match day, or so I'm told!

Q. League Prediction?
We're going to be in the top two. My heart says we'll win, I just think we can grind out the results this year.

Q. Who will be Arsenal's player to watch for the second half of this season?

Gnabry. I don't think we'll spend in January and I think we're going to need to use him with the fixture congestion. I reckon he's going to make a big contribution.


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