Tuesday 17 September 2013

Meet The Gooner Family [Graeme, Montreal]

Meet Graeme Cambridge, my last-minute host (literally) for the Montreal leg of the GOTR tour. As I was staying with friends in Canada, I had completely forgot that one of my challenges was to stay with a Gooner wherever I was watching a game. Thankfully Graeme demonstrated once again what the Arsenal Family is all about, and stepped in to offer a place to stay for the night. Top bloke.

Graeme and I spent literally the whole day on Saturday celebrating our win against Sunderland by going on a pub crawl in Montreal with a few other friends. It's a great city to celebrate three points and a return to the top of the table (or at least we were top of the table). Once again, a two-day hangover ensued, one that I'm still feeling the effects of as I type this.
Graeme and the Gooner On The Road

Graeme Cambridge

Q. Why Arsenal?
I love the way they play. There's a class aspect to Arsenal, something that other teams don't possess.

Q. Started Supporting Arsenal?
I'm a new fan. 2006. I worked at a pub called the Hobgoblin in Bristol, and I was there on a day off because there wasn't anything else to do. I caught my first Arsenal match and it was amazing.

Q. All time favourite Player?
Cesc Fabregas. Something intangible, he's just special, he fits into the system. He had the charisma that is hard to match.

Q. Favourite current Player?
Like Podolski because he's great on and off the pitch, but my fave player is Cazorla, he's great to watch and he does that amazing one-two with himself to get out of a sticky situation.

Q. Favourite Arsenal moment?
The second 5-2 thumping of Spurs. I haven't had a lot to celebrate because of the time I've been a fan, but there are still moments to remember, and the second 5-2 thumping of Spurs is at the top of my Arsenal memory list.

Q.Where do you watch Arsenal in Montreal?
Burgundy Lion if I'm not watching at home. I used to go to the Fox and Fiddle when I lived in Toronto. The pub is a bit on the quiet side but the AMMO group is new and still growing in numbers so I'm confident the atmosphere will get better.

Q. Emirates or Highbury?
Emirates because I'm a new fan. But I will see and hear stories about Highbury and that it was Arsenal's fairytale castle, I wish I could have visited it when it was creating lasting memories.

Q. League Prediction?
3rd position. I think Chelsea are going to win the league. City second. That means we will finish above United. It also means Spurs will once again finish outside the top four!

Q. Who will be Arsenal's player to watch this season?
Ramsey. He's been incredible right the way through the end of last season, to the two goals scored on Saturday. He's on the way to becoming a legend.


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